Ready or not, teens’ lives are going to change

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Ready or not, here it comes. This is not a game of hide-and-go seek. This is about the near future…the future of teenagers. Soon they’ll have to leave the comfort of their warm homes with their bedrooms and mom’s home-cooked meals, go out into the real world, make their own decisions and transform into something more than teenagers.
High school years are short and sweet. Four years evaporate before one knows it. So, it’s important for teens to enjoy the time they have. High school is great! There’s no rent, grocery bills or taxes. So what’s the rush? Maybe teenagers shouldn’t take this easy life for granted.
Sophomores already are starting to look at colleges and trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Some also are guilty of taking as many advanced classes as they can because they think it will give them more opportunities later. They spend hours on homework and projects for classes that they’re not even all that interested in. This path may give them a few more opportunities later, but is it worth all those miserable hours spent?
High school should be fun and a time for teenagers to learn about themselves and their potential. The standard advice is to enroll in classes that are truly appealing and also to experiment and challenge oneself. And, who doesn’t like a good challenge?
Most teenagers have spent 12 long years preparing. In elementary school, they fell in love with learning, drawn in by cool science experiments, long recesses and inspiring field trips. In middle school and high school, many lost this focus and grades became more important.
A lot of choices are now influenced by the idea of going to college. So, many students overwhelm themselves in high school, working frantically in order to make it into their dream college. And once they get there, they find themselves having to work even harder to keep up.
There is also the debt to consider and the options in finding and keeping a job in an economy that is limiting.
The point is high school is a time for teens to figure out what they truly love to do. They shouldn’t take classes just because they want to get into a certain college, but because they find them fun and they are passionate about them. Many people work too hard and burn out in school only to get a job they aren’t passionate about.
This is not to say that teens shouldn’t work hard, or that they shouldn’t take advanced classes, because it’s more important for them to chase their dreams and focus their energy and sweat on achieving them.
Life’s too short to get stressed out and go to college only to end up doing something they don’t enjoy.
The future is scary no one could ever truly be prepared for it, but it’s also exciting because teens will get to go out in the world and make their own story and leave their own footprints.
No one wants to be someone who looks back and wishes they could start all over.
So, teens should enjoy now and look forward to tomorrow, whether they’re ready or not.

--Dana Crooks