Ready for bartering?

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

When street thugs, as well as robber-barons (in the state-sponsored bailed-out banking industry and in state-sponsored bailed-out moneyfacturing enterprises, and yes, I do mean “moneyfacturing”) usurp and hoard ill-gotten and obscene treasures– the obvious remedy is to devaluate their dollars (and ours) to zero.

Character is destiny and people of good character will survive, and in due time will prosper. Scenarios other than overprinting and devaluating the dollar appear to be (nearly) all ineffectual.  The question is: When will we be ready to suck it up and replace paper with an equivalence of goods and services in a system known as bartering?

State-sponsored “cash” will eventually make a comeback as it did in Germany and other countries where paper bills were cheaper (and cleaner burning) than coal. Every society struggles with how to transfer worth from the worthy to the worth-less and from time to time the traditional ways (money transfer) breaks down.

Petr Jandacek

Los Alamos