Re-living the Wild West

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By Special to the Monitor

In the old day of the Wild West, boys spent their days playing in pine forests. They carried knives, were allowed to shoot wild game,  and made their own ropes to swing across rivers.

A few of these pastimes were brought back during the recent Cub Scout Wild West Day Camp in Rendija Canyon.

During the camp, scouts braided ropes, played marbles and made wampum belts and teepees. Plus, the scouts were able to make telephones out of tin cans, create adobe bricks with water and socks and milk a cow.

Lowell Christensen, district committee chairman, commented, “This is great for little boys. It’s high adventure. It teaches them skills they can use throughout their lives. Years from now, when one of our Cubs comes across a car stuck in a snow bank, he can approach the stranded family and say, ‘Fear not. I have a pencil, a milk carton, some string and an empty Jell-O cup. I’ll make a windlass.’”