Ranger programs to start at Manhattan Project NMP

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By Bennett Horne

The Manhattan Project National Historical Park will be offering a series of ranger programs designed to help visitors understand and connect with the story of the project.

Josh Nelson, who began as the on-site ranger for the historical park six weeks ago, will be conducting the programs along with park volunteers.

“It will be a 20-minute program by Ashley Pond Park and is free and open to everyone,” he said. “We still have the self-guided walking tour program. These ranger programs will not cover the walking tours; they’re just another way for people to better connect with the walking tour. They’re designed to complement one another.”

The programs will start this weekend and last through July 22. They will be held each Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. at the Los Alamos Visitor Center located at 475 20th Street. Reservations are not required.

“These are brand new programs that we’re doing,” said Nelson. “We’ve never done these before and we’re looking forward to them. We’d be happy to have anyone from the community or any visitors come for the ranger program.”

The ranger programs will incorporate the big picture of how the Project Y lab and community fit in with the complex events of World War II.

Nelson himself has been busy fitting in with his surroundings, which are new but temporary.

“It’s been great. This is a beautiful area,” he said. “Carlsbad Caverns is my home park and my time here at the Manhattan Project National Historical Park is just a short-term detail through the end of July. But this is a great park in a wonderful setting.”

Nelson also said even though summer’s busy tourist season has already started, the park is always looking for help in the form of volunteers.

“We’re always open and happy to have anyone come in who is interested in volunteering,” he said.

Anyone interested in volunteering should stop by the visitor center on 20th Street.