Rahn released from Montana jail

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By Tris DeRoma

Los Alamos resident Thomas Rahn was released from a Bozeman Mont., jail at 12:05 p.m. Tuesday after posting a $50,000 bail in New Mexico. According to Rhonda Goyem, the clerk for the judge that presided over his release, Rahn was freed in Montana on his own recognizance.

Rahn was arrested in Montana July 6 after the Los Alamos Police issued a warrant for his arrest. Rahn was arrested on charges of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual penetration on a child under 13. And two counts of second-degree criminal sexual contact with a child under 13.  He was reportedly on business for the Los Alamos National Laboratory when he was arrested.

Rahn’s wife is currently staying in a shelter. Rahn’s wife has also filed for divorce with custody July 10.

According to a report from the New Mexico Children Youth and Families that prompted the arrest, Rahn allegedly committed the crimes against two children, ages six and eight.

Rahn is due to appear in Los Alamos Magistrate Court Aug. 7 before Judge Pat Casados, where he will have the charges formally read to him.  

From there, according to Los Alamos magistrate clerk John Baca, the case will then be continued in district court.

As of press time, Rahn’s attorney, Marc Walker Edwards, was unavailable for comment.

If he does not make his Aug. 7 court date in Los Alamos, Rahn has a Sept. 5 hearing at Gallatin County District Court in Bozeman.