Radio station adds FM

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Media > KRSN owners hope to bring more listeners aboard

By Tris DeRoma

David and Gillian Sutton, owners of KRSN AM Radio 1490, have just found another place on the radio dial to call home. They’ve recently acquired space on the FM dial at 107.1.

And don’t worry, KRSN AM 1490 isn’t going anywhere, their new space on the FM band will be an exact duplicate of their AM signal, so all of your favorite programs, whether that is the morning show with Dave and Nancy or sports with the Los Alamos Monitor’s own Mike Maez-Cote can now also be heard in crystal clear, stereo FM.

Friday was the station’s first full day of broadcasting on the FM side, according to David.

Why play the exact format at a different space on the dial? Gillian and David said there is a method to their madness. According to Gillian, FM 107.1 will have the same reach as AM 1490, but they hope with the FM 107.1 signal to reach more listeners within that same range.

The couple discovered that it’s not just about certain people preferring FM over AM, but after doing some research, they found some residents literally can’t get the AM station inside their homes, due to the metal construction materials that are used to make modern buildings.

“FM has no trouble getting through steel,” Gillian said.

There was also the Internet to consider, as well the new cell phones being implanted with chips to take in local FM radio.

“Being on FM will also mean that we will be up to date when it comes to being reached by all technologies,” Gillian said. David also mentioned that KRSN is carried on Live365.com, as well as Live365’s cell phone apps. Listeners can also tune in through the station’s website at krsnam1490.com

But just because they are expanding their audience, it does not mean they are going to be making any changes to their programming, the Suttons said. Whether it’s Nick Federoff on Gardening, Floydian Slip, or any of the other local favorites, the Suttons said residents will always have a say.

“We’re going to remain the local community radio station,” Gillian said.

As far as the krsnam1490.com website is concerned, that will remain as well. However, they also now have a krsnfm1071.com address listeners can check out.