Questioning the county

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The officials in Los Alamos County have been  extremely busy developing expensive projects that will cost the tax payers a  lot of money. They had to have a new jail, although the old one was fine.   They had to tear down the Golf Course building (even though I thought  the old one was great) so they could build a new one.  Now they want to  expand the Golf Course to a larger playing field.  They are working on  new municipal buildings.  (I thought our old Municipal Building was the  nicest looking building in town).  They want a new Trinity Drive, even  though the one we have works fine.  It will take a lot of time to rebuild  Trinity Drive, and that construction will produce a lot of traffic headaches,  and it will cost the tax payers another fortune.  The High School was  torn down and expensive buildings were built.
    And  now LANL’s budget will be cut.  People will be moving away so that the  tax burden on the remaining citizens will be greater.  The Monitor  article about the LANL budget reduction said that future budgets may also be  reduced.  If Obama is re-elected, he will probably shut down LANL  completely.  Los Alamos will be a partial ghost town, and the remaining  citizens will have an awesome tax burden.
We have a  friend who planned to sell their home.  They think that will now be  impossible, with the LANL budget reduction.
Why  can’t the county think of running an efficient organization that serves the  Los Alamos citizens without being devoted to grandiose new structures for the  future?
Melvin Prueitt
Los Alamos