Questioning council's actions

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The vote on Article 409 and councilor Fran  Berting’s response to the council’s action should not be taken lightly by  residence of Los Alamos County. Councilor Berting’s response on limiting  citizen voting should be called into question as to how in touch she is with  those she represents.
Stating that “when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of  how we do this, it becomes almost impossible.” That statement indicates she  has no interest in allowing the voters to decide the outcome of county  projects. It seems the majority of the council feels the same. Other  questionable council decisions call into question whether or not they have  the community’s best interest in mind.
It seems the council is simply out of  control and looking to place their names on as many commemorative plaques as  they can.
An example is the White Rock Visitor’s Center where the original  contract was for $2,646,000 only to spike up another $1,127,697.
Would the voters have approved such a large increase? Now we’re looking at a $16 million Civic Center for a town of 6,000 residents.
Are these two projects  necessary or are they going to become buildings the Councilors can drive by and compliment themselves on job well done.
The residents of Los Alamos  need  to question not only these actions by the county council but also the council  members themselves. Are the decisions they make good for the community? Do the current councilors make a good representative government or do we have a tyranny taking place?
Robert Van Winkle
White Rock