Putting together a last-minute costume can be simple

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Oh my goodness, Halloween is almost here. I’m sure many of you are going trick-or-treating or having Halloween parties, and I am just as sure that many of you don’t have costumes yet.
I am in the same boat as all of you costume-less people, but I have come up with a few tricks to whip up a last-minute Halloween costume.
Of course, the first option is to wear something you wore last year or the year before. Old costumes usually fit, as they are mostly made of stretchable fabric. Adding a cape to an old costume makes a great addition, as do hats, a fun pair of shoes or gloves. Painting your nails and styling your hair are always important.
Makeup can make all the difference when it comes to costumes. For witches, black lipstick is a must. Clowns always need red noses and princesses need a touch of pink blush or eye shadow.
Face paint is also a great idea to make facial features for your costume look more realistic.
Another option is to make a costume out of your everyday clothing. My closet is quite diverse, so this is easy for me, but for those of you with a closet that doesn’t have a wide range of colors or patterns, this may prove difficult.
If you have a lot of black in your closet, you could certainly pull off a ninja outfit.
For those of you with absolutely no hope in using previous costumes or in using your daily clothing to create a costume, fear not. There is, of course, the classic bed sheet ghost, where you cut eyeholes in a white bed sheet and be the spookiest kid on the block.
You could also create a Greek toga out of a bed sheet, by wrapping it around your body and securing it with a safety pin or a large hair clip. Accessorize it with a leaf wreath or anything that you feel looks Greek.
For those of you with a spare box at home, cut a hole a bit larger than your head in the bottom of the box.
Put your head through the hole in the box so that it surrounds your body. You can glue some plates, cups, silverware, tablecloth, or fake food onto the top of the box and voila! You are a table!
Make sure that staying warm is a priority on Halloween. I get cold easily, so I like to layer clothes underneath my costume and wear a warm jacket over it all. Two pairs of leggings usually keep my legs toasty.
No matter what you wear on Halloween, just remember that you must be comfortable.
The more comfortable you are, the more fun you will have and your fool-proof costume may just trick someone into giving you a treat!