PUTTING ASSETS INTO ACTION: Put your best foot forward

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By The Staff

This week we take a look at assets in your every day life. A majority of what we look at through the assets lens is focused at youth and how to make this a wonderful community for them.

Today, I want you to consider the scenario of Assets in your daily life, with our focus on the work place, the employee lounge, the boardroom, cafeteria or even your desk. Then I want you to think about where you eat lunch?

Do you find people who avoid where employees are meant to gather or even get out of the building for lunch? Perhaps what they may be avoiding someone in the work place, perhaps even you.

As a nation, sometimes we get into a rut of spilling every ugly detail about our lives to whoever will listen. It may be finances, family, friendships or any work related event, situation or incident that is poured out in every detail that we imagine will make us feel better. Now consider if it is at the expense of everyone else in the vicinity.

The problem is negativity seems to breed on itself and soon, the 15 minute coffee break has become a free therapy session for one, while everyone in the room now needs some mood elevation.

So, as you begin a new school year, a new workweek or even a new day, chose to live it with a better attitude. Do you have one friend you can truly, entirely vent to? If so, see if they’ll make a pact to be your sounding board and you’ll be there for them. Then, stop the drama with everyone else in your life.

That’s right, no more venting in an effort to demonstrate who had the worse day. Try and change the tide to find something good to reflect on throughout your day. Tell people who constantly complain you’ve decided to take on a new challenge of focusing on something good and if you think it will work, turn the table and say, what’s something good in your world today.

Have you seen the character on Saturday Night Live called, Debbie Downer? No matter what the highlight of the day, she can twist it into the saddest thing you’ve ever heard.

In real life, we see it in the people who aren’t happy with the new teacher their student has, the latest thing the government is or is not doing and the endless frustrations caused by work.

Kathy Peel said it best, “Remember that one thing we all have in common is 24 hours a day. It is up to me how I chose to spend it.” How are you spending yours?

As I spoke to the freshman orientation class on Friday, I reminded them that change starts with them. Gandhi said, “To be the change you wish to see in the world.” So if you try it today and it didn’t work so well, try again tomorrow.

Sometime––s you have to try hard to make a change or see something in a different way. If you need something to brighten your day, check out a website called, Playing for Change. At www.playingforchange.org you can see how musicians have come together in a huge effort to change. Their Stand by Me video has had millions of hits on You Tube and so we slowly begin a movement that can change the world.

It happens every 24-hour period; the choice you make is up to you. I hope you make an effort to make the right one.