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By The Staff

I apologize, but my column is taking a different turn this week. I find it very hard to write something upbeat when so many are sad after the events of the week.

This week, we lost an Asset in the community, with the passing of Logan Collins.

Logan was a wonderful boy and many adults and children throughout the community are saddened by the loss.

Logan was a soccer player, a basketball player, a Boy Scout and much more. He always had a smile on his face and was always willing to help at the drop of a hat.

Logan has a fabulous family that is proof that he was cut from the same cloth with a servant’s heart and a kind word.

There’s no doubt that his memorial service on Monday will be difficult and painful for many. As parents and caregivers, we must remember that people, including children, all grieve in different ways.

Some are quiet, some are moody and some are talkative. There’s no right way or wrong way, only what is right for you.

I encourage everyone to open the door, but not to be offended if the desire to discuss the feelings isn’t mutual.

I commend the Los Alamos Middle School and the school district as well as Logan’s family for a service that will allow so many to attend.

Many staff members at Chamisa Elementary School have felt the loss hard this week. You see, despite the test scores, the grading and all the other things that are folded into a school day, at the very heart of it is a family.

The elementary counselors in the district rallied to comfort their students, not only at their sites, but those who left the nest and moved into seventh grade.  You see every year, members of their family move on to join another family at LAMS.

Logan will be sorely missed and the transition will be hard for students, staff and especially the family.

If you have the chance to help any of the above, I encourage you to do what you can, whenever you can. If you don’t know any of the above, simply just say a prayer. That can be done anytime, anywhere and doesn’t cost a thing.

A memorial for Collins is planned for Monday at 2 p.m. at Los Alamos Middle School. Children attending the service must come with an adult. A fund has also been established at Los Alamos National Bank to help the family with expenses.