Put your money ... wherever you want

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

After a person has paid the amount of income tax required by law, whose business is it what he does with the rest of his money, if legal?According to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal (April 11), apparently the editor and California Rep. John Campbell believe it is theirs, if the person has suggested that tax rates should be raised as matter of public policy.The editor suggests that the Clintons should pay at a higher rate and speaks approvingly of the “put your money where your mouth is act” introduced in the House by Campbell.“Put your money where your mouth is” is a taunt used to lure someone who has expressed an opinion about the outcome of a sporting event into making a monetary bet, but I never heard anyone suggest that the person incurred a moral obligation to make such a bet.Likewise, and contrary to the opinions of the WSJ editor and Campbell, I do not believe that anyone suggesting taxes should be raised has incurred a moral obligation to pay any higher taxes than anyone else.I wonder what the WSJ editor and Campbell do with their income after taxes?I have a suggestion but I will keep it to myself, because it’s really none of my business.Robert SeegmillerLos Alamos