Pueblo closes access to monitoring station

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Lab > Aguilar sends letter to NNSA, detailing concerns

The San Ildefonso Pueblo is shutting off access to one of the monitoring stations that is part of the early notification system that the Department of Energy pledged to the Buckman Direct Diversion Project.
In a letter dated Aug. 9 to Peter Maggiore of the Los Alamos Site Office, Governor Terry Aguilar wrote that the pueblo was terminating all agreements in relation to station E109.9 (also referred to as E11O) located within the pueblo’s boundaries.
The station is one of three that automatically collects water samples when they detect water flowing. There are two other stations further upstream that do the same thing.
Aguilar wrote, “As you are aware, there are several agreements that pertain to access to site installation of and use of equipment such as cameras and telemetry systems. There are also pending requests to install additional equipment. The Pueblo has become increasingly concerned about the expansion of the activities as the site and what has become an expanded footprint for what had initially started out as a limited monitoring site.
“In addition, it appears there are several safety and environmental issues that are occurring at the site.
Aguilar wrote that he understands the importance of the monitoring station and he said the pueblo will reconsider access to the site if they agree to the following:
• Renegotiate new terms through another legal form such as a lease agreement or something similar;
• Address the safety and environmental issues at the site.
Aguilar said in the letter that the Buckman Direct Diversion Board will be denied access as well and the denial of access will take place in 30 days as of Aug. 9.
NNSA Los Alamos Site Office spokesperson Toni Chiri said, “we are evaluating the letter.”