Protestors take too much credit

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The CMRR critics are taking too much credit for the CMRR deferral for 5 years by the Obama administration. The critics focus on their own efforts is human nature but the decision to delay CMRR is a political decision made by the Obama administration.
 The administration has possibly made a political calculation to go against its own nuclear policy review in order to reclaim disillusioned voters who think the President should have invested more effort in ‘Green’ causes.  The administration could also be trying to show that it can wield the budget axe against itself but this could not impress a congress more interested in being obstructionist than performing its responsibility  of passing a budget for the first time in three years. The congress could even restore funding to CMRR in their budget if they could pass one.
This is all besides the fact that distributing CMRR functions across the weapons complex (even to Livermore National Labs: a location more prone to earthquakes than Los Alamos, NM) is not a inherently safer solution than CMRR.
Paul D. Richardson
Los Alamos