Proposal to improve image of politicians

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Once again as the general election approaches we are subjected to a long and continuous barrage of negative political commercials. They have negative  impact on the images of both the perpetuators and targets of the ads. If the time between the primary and the general election were reduced, there would be less opportunity for the negative ads. It is probably too much to  ask for, but with less time the candidates might address the issues and the positive qualities that they might feel they could offer.
Other benefits would also accrue. With less time to air commercials, less money would be spent for advertising and the donors might exert less  influence on the politicians. If we could couple this with a national  primary, to be held, perhaps in early October, this would free the politicians to study the issues and legislations, if they so choose, instead of spending a large portion of their elected terms campaigning for reelection. For this to happen we would probably have to have a constitutional amendment.  
It seems that a majority of voters are disgusted with the current, seemingly endless campaigns. Perhaps it is time to lobby for an election reform that would get the election over in due time without the waste of time, money and reputation inherent in the present system. I know of no other country in the world that subjects its citizens to such a long electoral process. Let us contact our elected representatives and see if we can change this system.

Marion L. Stelts
Los Alamos