Project Vote Smart

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The columnist Jay Miller recently contributed to the Los Alamos Monitor an article describing a new website aimed at helping us decide who to support in the November elections.  Apparently Mr. Miller and many other folks are not familiar with an organization called Project Vote Smart which has been providing information about candidates for many decades.  
With the click of a finger you can access data on biographies, interest group ratings, public statements, voting records, issue positions and campaign financing.  This information is assembled by staff and volunteers and is rigorously screened for accuracy and removal of bias.  And it is free.
 A couple of features are particularly interesting.  Each candidate is furnished with a “Political Courage Test” asking for response on current issues and including the opportunity to explain their reasoning.  
For the voter, there is a “VoteEasy” feature which allows one to compare the candidates’ responses with your own position on the issues.  Information is available for national and state elections.
Try votesmart.org -- I believe you will be impressed!  
Joseph L. Thompson
Los Alamos