Progress at LAPS, UNM-LA good to see

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By Ralph Damiani

The spirit of cooperation and collaboration seen emerging between Los Alamos Public Schools and UNM-Los Alamos is a very welcome change.

There had been an unfortunate climate of contention between the institutions of late, straining under the revelation of a $1 dollar per year payment to LAPS by UNM-LA for a building which was in turn subleased to Los Alamos National Laboratory for $60,000 a year.This was a bone of contention to the school board, which – in tight budget times – could use the money. But UNM-LA also faced budgeting issues and the matter quickly developed into an open wound between the two organizations.It is good to see this being matter being resolved.With several new board members all around, a new executive director at the college and a new high school principal, the time was ripe for healing.And it is good to see.Our leaders – both elected and selected – have to rise above personal feelings to work for the benefit of the students and residents of the community.During Tuesday’s school board meeting, LAPS Curriculum Director Kate Thomas explained that she, High School Principal Grace Brown, UNM-LA Executive Director Cedric Page and others began meeting in October. They exchanged ideas, goals and simply learned about each other.And in the process we all benefited.