Processes do need streamlining

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

In the recent editorial concerning the skate park approval process, Ralph Damiani wrote, “I guess we naively thought that somehow (the Planning and Zoning Commission) had been involved in this process. We knew all along that parks and recreation had not been involved – something we still do not understand. Nonetheless, it seems now that P&Z was bypassed and council not only approved the project but the location.”It’s my understanding that P&Z’s role is to approve or deny site plans according to P&Z code. Its role does not involve site selection. The county will submit their 60-percent site plan April 23 to the P&Z Commission for its approval or denial. This seems to follow proper procedure.As far as the Parks & Recreation Board is concerned, this board had its chance to be part of the process but declined to take action for whatever reason. Moneys had been allocated to the capital improvements budget by the county years ago to create a skate park. With no movement on a skate park in sight, supporters turned to another county agency, an agency that felt this project was of great importance to the well being of our community. That agency was the police department led by Chief Torpy.Although this process does indeed need some adjustment, I believe the desire of the overall community was ultimately heeded. The system eventually worked. If anything, the way advisory boards prioritize their projects may need to be streamlined so that they are in sync with the goals of our elected officials.Greg KendallLos Alamos