Problems with bond issue

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Here’s how to make sure I vote against the school bond.

DO preach doom and gloom if one does not vote for the bond.

DO tell me the quality of the education that our kids get will deteriorate because they are not being taught in a new classroom.

DO put the importance of a classroom above the importance of a teacher.

DON’T be upfront in what it is going to cost me.  According to the article in the May 21 Monitor, a chart was shown by Steve “Tax to the Max” Girrens, the tax was in the $75 range for my house, then the RBC Capital Markets report and the Monitor showed $774, now the brochure from the school shows it’s up to $909.

DO tell me  it’s only going to hurt a little bit and it is only a small increase. Maybe $909 a year is chump change to you, but to me it is not.  It is a 35 percent increase in my taxes.

DO compare the low Los Alamos mill levy against other school districts with a higher mill levy, without revealing how the other school districts apply their mill levy. Do they apply it against the assessed value or the full value?

DON’T give me all the numbers, just the ones to sway the argument your way.

DO expect me to vote for an additional $40 million debt when you still have an outstanding $11 million debt

DON’T tell me where the $1 million for rent was being spent and why all sudden the school board can sock it away.

Los Alamos