Pro-energy message okay

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regard to Skip Dunn’s May 26 Monitor article, “What’s Wrong with this Picture,” and his assessment of Marita Littauer-Noon and her opinions as expressed in past pro-energy articles.

I am not an expert in the environmental or oil and gas industries, but common sense, an unbiased opinion and being informed are not without merit. Anyone who knows even a little about the government red tape the oil companies must navigate and the state-of-the-art drilling methods they use will see that they are not the “big-bad villains” portrayed by many.

Space prevents me from going into much detail, but the information is available for anyone willing to do a little digging to look beneath the surface.

As to the reference made of Ron Arnold, assuming he was correctly quoted and not taken out of context, on the surface he does sound extreme, but he isn’t a representative of every energy advocate. Those who choose to make him the voice of pro-energy groups are more than welcome to their assessments.

However, I wonder if those same people apply the same litmus test to people like Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood. Her reasons for founding that organization area considered extreme and appalling to most decent people.

Lastly, I don’t know what Ms Noon’s Christian beliefs have to do with anything in the energy arena unless it is to take the focus off the real issues and fault her for a career change. There are both Christians and non-Christians in the pro-energy and “green” worlds. Both camps are entitled to their opinions and their expertise despite their religious affiliations or lack thereof.

However, in the interest of full disclosure I am Christian, pro-energy, and have known Marita for years, both in her Christian and non-Christian careers. I’ve never witnessed anything extreme in her personality except for her desire to enjoy life and pursue her interests/careers to the best of her ability.

I think it is wonderful that, at least for now, we live in a country where both pro-energy and “green” views can still be heard. I do think that some opinions yield more valid and applicable information. I also know that citizens who aren’t afraid to do a little digging and not blindly accept any point of view, will be able to identify those who have the most factual information and which opinion writers should be charged advertising fees.

Shona Neff

Los Alamos