A preference for traffic lights

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By Robert A. Nunz

Thomas and Rebecca Shankland’s letter “Roundabouts are the way to go,” underscores a continuing problem in the Los Alamos community, including White Rock revitalization.

The Shanklands consider roundabouts the safe and effective way to deal with traffic (presumably on NM 4) and they consider traffic lights ugly. (Who determined traffic lights are ugly?)

Their opinion is put forward as fact.

My wife and I think traffic lights are really safer and roundabouts a way to annoy our neighbors, at least those we’ve talked to.

As with the makeover of Central Avenue with its nubbins and gaslights (which I could argue are “ugly”), I think the problem is that we haven’t found and continue to need a mechanism for hearing the voices of residents, not just some who think they know better.

There is already lots of disconnect in our community over issues of public growth – the  petition initiative, the defeat of the UN-MLA bond, the previous skate park flap.

Whatever outcome is chosen for White Rock moving forward, it will be critical to express the feelings of the total community.

Robert A. Nunz

White Rock