Predicting 2012

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By Jay Miller

Happy New Year. Let’s see how the crystal ball looks this year. 

HMMM … it looks clearer. Maybe that is because we’ve had a year to get acquainted with the new state administration.

Oh, I see Gov. Susana Martinez pushing her drivers license bill up another steep hill. Maybe she should wait until next year and hope she has a Republican legislature.

I don’t see any bill to eliminate the $25 million film rebate cap now that the governor is a supporter of the film industry. Maybe that one is waiting until next year, too.

I see the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. We started knowing that last year when items from Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Billy the Kid started selling at many times their expected value.

I see Iranian scientists scratching their heads trying to figure out how to reverse engineer the drone airplane they captured.

I see the Aggies beating the Lobos at football once again. That makes how many times in a row?

I see the protest movement morphing several more times to include any cause a group is willing to finance.

I see no more $10,000 bets made on live television ... but much joking about it.

I see Mitt Romney winning the Republican nomination for president.

I don’t see New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as Romney’s running mate. But nice comments are made about her.

The ball has a cloudy spot but that looks like happy Heather Wilson capturing the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Somewhere in New Mexico, school will start next year in July - and it won’t make kids any smarter.

Cursive writing will be taught next year as a sophomore elective. So will multiplication tables.

Albuquerque Mayor R.J. Berry will keep Republicans on pins and needles over whether he will seek reelection.

State Economic Development Department Director Jon Barela already has the GOP on pins and needles over whether he will enter the 1st Congressional District primary. He nearly won it his previous try but now he has a job he likes and a regular paycheck he probably needs.

The crystal ball is way too cloudy in toward November to see general election results. Will it be another Republican landslide, as in 2010? Will it be a Democratic landslide for Democrats, as in 2008? 

Too much has to happen at the national level between now and then that will affect New Mexico races.

The towns of Anthony, N.M. and Anthony, Texas no longer will be the Leap Year Capital of the World. 

For 20 years, they have held that distinction with leap-year babies coming from around the country and even foreign countries. But hard times have ended the celebration unless Santa has a leftover gift for them.

Gary Johnson will win the national Libertarian primary in May only to learn that his is not the only third party vying for the presidency.

And finally, the world will not end on Dec. 21, 2012. The Mayans insist their calendar has ended before and they know how to make a new one. 

Other groups also believe the 12/21/12 date has something magical to it. 

But go ahead and make plans for Dec. 13. Don’t give away all your stuff unless you want to send it to me or to the Anthonys.


Jay Miller