Preconceived views questioned

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During the recent county council candidates’ campaign, a constant theme was to “listen to the people.” A current hot button issue is redoing Trinity  Drive. I’m glad that I live in White Rock where most citizens at a large meeting expressed their disapproval of a roundabout on N.M. 4 — although a candidate  later told people the idea was shelved not because of citizen input but by the lab’s worry about its trucks using the road.
The question for many is how important is the voice of the citizenry, which is at least given lip service? I think many writers bring their preconceived views as the “informed” ones, often with a special interest, say in biking, walking, business. Many folks remain unhappy with  Central Avenue’s makeover, which they perceive was pushed through by interest groups. We can have all the charter reviews we want and expressions  that we should trust the decisions of our electees, but the continuing howls about petitions and redress in underscores a problem of cynicism towards governance.  There is a fair consensus among our citizens that their voices are not heard.
A footnote: Several letters recently discuss our growing senior population — a demographic partially explainable by the nature of how the town/lab  developed. Perhaps the authors would like to address the lab retiree groups and explain  if they want them to leave. Also, they could meet with the retired senior volunteers, some 400 to 500, and explain  why the help they offer is unnecessary.

Robert A. Nunz
Los Alamos