Posters Help Students Remember PBS

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Program: Phrase allows schools and districts to build multi-leveled systems

By Bernadette Lauritzen

Los Alamos Public School kicks off 2012 with some new posters to help students remember the district-wide policy called PBS.
PBS or Positive Behavior Support, has translated to students as be safe, be responsible, be respectful.
The simple phrase allows schools and districts to build multi-leveled systems to handle both academic and behavior supports to assist students throughout their academic journey.
The efforts began in 2010 with a collaboration between the Los Alamos Public Schools and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, to offer training and resources to LAPS staff.
The LAPS team worked to develop a timeline and strategies, while maintaining consistency in PBS language, district-wide.
To assist with that effort, the duo of Megan Lee and Kathy Weinman held a poster contest at the end of 2011 to build on student knowledge and empower the student to become the teacher.
More than 50 students throughout the district entered the PBS poster contest, which purported the tenets to LAPS students, be respectful be responsible and be safe.
“Incredibly artistic students took time to create posters that spread the word through their visuals,” said Megan Lee, curriculum coordinator for LAPS. “ All the judges, Matt Schmidt from LASCU, Linda Daly from The Y and Sharon Marinuzzi from JJAB came together to judge the posters. They were so impressed with the students’ efforts.”
Lee and Weinman have worked to duplicate the posters to display in school sites and on the district website throughout the remainder of the year.
The hope is to eventually include local businesses and programs willing to display the posters, in an effort of developing these communitywide essentials.
There were winning pieces selected for each grade level, with prizes presented to the winners, by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Schools Credit Union. Second grader Cinyoung Huang won the top prize.
Lee thanked Weinman, Tess Daughton, individual site secretaries, counselors and principals for their support in the endeavor.
Those who wish to display posters in the community can call Weinman at 663-2232.

Poster winners
K-3 grand prize: Cinyoung Huang, second grade, Barranca
Honorable mention:  Westley Parker, second grade, Piñon
Honorable mention: Camille A. Martinez, third grade, Aspen
4-6 grand prize: Cinlong Huang, fourth grade, Barranca
Honorable mention: Miriam Wallstrom, sixth grade, Aspen (won the participation drawing for an iPod shuffle).
Honorable mention: G. J. Hartsfield, sixth grade, Barranca
7-8 grand prize: JoAnna O’Neill, eighth grade
Honorable mention: Sincheng Huang, eighth grade
Honorable mention: Sean Trujillo, eighth grade