Popping the prom question

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By Elizabeth Hjelvik

With April 20 fast approaching, the excitement of prom seems to increase at Los Alamos High School.

Seniors are getting their invitations (juniors buy their tickets after spring break); students are able to nominate their peers for prom court and as the month goes on, more people are getting dates or planning on asking a friend or significant other to the most anticipated night in high school.

Asking someone to prom is probably one of the most nerve-wracking tasks for a high school student, but it should not be something to be nervous about.

Those looking for a date should have fun with it. They shouldn’t worry about being rejected. If the thought of rejection is too much to handle, one can always go to prom stag, so instead of stressing out over rejection, focus on being creative.

When seeking a date to prom, always do it privately. 

Asking in front of others puts unnecessary pressure on the person being asked and takes away from the moment. 

The onlookers might think its sweet, but they might also feel like they’re intruding on a moment that should be special. 

 Don’t feel pressured to go “all out” when asking someone to prom. 

The really creative, elaborate propositions tend to be between couples or people that hope to start dating, so those that plan to stay as friends, should stick to asking the person with no creative twist to it. 

However, if simply asking a person to prom doesn’t seem appealing, stick to the basics and use any of the following to accompany the question: flowers, candy and big signs.

So far, LAHS students have been creative when seeking a prom date. One guy stood outside his girlfriend’s house with a sign that said prom on it.

Another baked a cake for his girlfriend and spelled out “prom?” in frosting. 

A third bought a dozen roses, took the petals off and spelled out “Will you go to prom with me?” 

Despite all the interesting ways to ask someone to prom, there are still some guys that haven’t taken the plunge.

Those who need some inspiration should get the cheesiest romance movie they can find and watch it for some inspiration. 

But seriously, a good source for creative ways to ask someone to prom is the Internet. 

YouTube is a good way to find creative ideas — just don’t copy them exactly. One might also consider integrating some of the prospective date’s favorite things into the asking process. If she likes balloons, get some balloons and write out “Prom?” on them. 

If she likes stuffed animals, get a gigantic teddy bear that is holding a sign that spells out the message to her. 

The ways to ask someone to prom are endless. Those who want to go with a friend should stick to the basics. 

Guys that are in a relationship should do something sweet — something their significant other will remember for a long time.

Just avoid doing it in public, not detract from the moment — and don’t worry about rejection, going stag to prom or any dance is never bad.