Poppenguhl feeding Selznick and colleagues 'brain food'

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There has been little to report following “Gone with the Wind” producer David O. Selznick’s announcement last week, concerning the appointment of renowned director Victor Fleming for the long-delayed film project.
However, according to an interview recently provided by Selznick’s secretary, the producer, Fleming and an unknown screenwriter are currently in the preliminary stages of rewriting the entire “Gone with the Wind” screenplay — to be completed in a matter of five working days.
According to the secretary, who called herself Miss Poppenguhl, this quick deadline is in response to the wishes of the mysterious writer, who is alleged to be completely unfamiliar with Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” novel.
In the interview, Poppenguhl also detailed her role in Selznick’s forthcoming plans.
“I have been instructed to keep Mr. Selznick’s office door closed for the next five days and not admit any visitors during that time. I’ve also been instructed to gather writing supplies such as regular and carbon paper, pens, pencils, a typewriter and notepads,” she said.
Regarding food, Poppenguhl added, “Most strangely of all, Mr. Selznick has instructed me to provide only peanuts and bananas to eat and nothing else! He seems to think these ‘brain foods’ will help the creative writing process and that others may slow progress. Creative or not, I don’t know what Mr. Selznick is thinking and have decided to bring water as well. It’s the least I can do, and they’re going to need it!”
Progress at Selznick International Studios appears to have ramped back up, but in the face of his latest scheme, Selznick is still rumored to be losing money. Further updates on this continuing story will be published as they are made available on Feb. 26.
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