Pool would enhance community

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I highly recommend a “YES” vote for the leisure pool as an addition to the amenities offered by Los Alamos County to the community as a whole.  I am a taxpayer, a voter and a resident. My husband and I share 16 grandchildren, we are teachers and aquatic center members.
We are of retirement age, even if we are still working.  We exercise daily. I had a hip replacement and the joy I derive from swimming can only be enhanced by the addition of this planned pool.  So many people in their 60s, 70s and 80s gain from having a place to soak, relax and exercise without placing greater stress on their replaced or original joints. Los Alamos would be an even better retirement choice, if this pool were to be built.
We also are looking forward to it for when our children and grandchildren visit. We can ski, eat lunch, then go to the pool for the rest of the afternoon. When we get them home, the kids (and grownups) can collapse into bed after a full day of fun and physical activity.
Practically every place we’ve researched for our final retirement must have a pool for me to use all year round. The Aquatic Center serves its purpose, but it is really crowded with teams and marathon competitors.
I agree that we need to track the use of our resources in maintaining this pool.  I am glad there are people who care about the good stewardship of our tax dollars; however, the benefits of sound, healthy exercise and the possibility of drawing new families, young and older, far outweighs the expenditure of $30 per year to make this happen.

Kate Thomas
Los Alamos