Pongratz's comments were off-base

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I totally agree with Morrie Pongratz that the teen center is important and serves a real good purpose.
But, so do all the other county services.
Really, Morrie, you came off sounding quite whiny — we need to serve some cheese with that.
It is quite unlike you to be so ill-informed. The APP funds are from a different pot, as the Los Alamos Monitor pointed out.
Aesthetics is quite important to work on this town. Many of us need a kick in the butt to spruce up our own properties and APP can be the stimulus.
And to pick on PEEC, shame on you. Have you looked at their website? They do marvelous things for all ages, but particularly the younger group. This is important to help young people and their parents find exciting, stimulating, alternative ways to entertain themselves while spending time outdoors.
I am sorry the committee could not agree on a place for the teen center but that argument really did not help the funding situation you were ranting about.
The county is having budget issues and trying to solve them reasonably.
We are all going to see some changes and will need to accommodate. Life is tough — nobody ever promised a rose garden.
Becky Scaborough
Los Alamos