The Pondering Column: Has human evolution gone stagnate?

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By Rigel Baron/Teen Pulse staff

Today’s question, asked anonymously is, “Has natural human evolution essentially stagnated due to intrinsic human morality, laws, religion and scientific advances?”
This week’s question is very interesting. Essentially the question asks if the principles surrounding evolution (specifically those Darwinian in nature, involving natural selection), have been counteracted by the societal advances we can observe today.
The concise answer to this question is, yes. Bearing in mind that evolution is not unanimously accepted as valid, I will base this column on the premise that evolution is an indisputably accurate fact.
As humans have grown in the addressed subjects (morality, laws, religion and science), we have become able to protect those, who in pre-modern times, would have died due to inability.
A good example of this is blindness. Thousands of years ago, if a child was born blind, it would be practically forced to fend for itself, and with blindness as an impediment the child would soon die. But contemporarily, our morals are so developed that any child with a developmental hinderance, such as blindness, would be cared for or even provided with medical assistance that would completely negate, what in previous centuries, would be considered as a lethal encumberance.
This ability to live beyond childhood years, and into full adulthood allows the disabled to propagate (genetically) and pass their blindness onto their offspring, thus stagnating natural selection.
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