Politics: The other white meat

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The other day, my doctor told me that I should be taking antibiotics for an ear infection. I immediately recognized his “hidden agenda” and yelled at him, “You’re just being medical! You’re only saying that for medical reasons! That’s your problem you know!” Well, now he thinks I need some other medication also.

But he just doesn’t get it. The world is so full of people saying things simply because they have an agenda. Take lawyers for example. A lawyer might advise you to review a contract before signing it. Yeah, right – that lawyer is only saying that for “legal reasons.” And perhaps a building contractor might tell you that you need to consider bracing an interior wall. Again, the agenda is clear: the contractor is only saying that for “architectural reasons.”

Teachers telling students to study – they’re just being “educational.” Don’t you just hate it when they do that? And accountants telling you what to deduct and what not to deduct – they’re just being “financial.” What are they thinking?

This is how it sounds to me when one politician accuses another politician of being political. Imagine that. A politician saying or doing something for, uh, political reasons. What is the world coming to?

This is getting more and more common, however. One politician will accuse another politician of being political. The other politician then refutes the accusation, denies being political, and attacks the first politician for playing politics. It’s the P-word gone crazy.

My parents tell me that I shouldn’t let things like this get to me. They say that I should take it in stride, and of course, brush my teeth after every meal and not to read in the dark. I told them to back off. They’re just being so ... parental!

John Pawlak

Los Alamos