The politics of lawn signs

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

To the stealthy and courageous person who mangled the political sign in my front yard:

You win! You clearly have a superior intellect as evidenced by your fearless nocturnal mission. Your derring-do has shown me the error of my ways. All those months of reading, research and study I put into choosing my political candidate are out the window.

You obviously have rapier-sharp wit and keen political insight. Thank heavens you came along and set me on the path of (self) righteousness. I now see there is only one way to view things: yours.

I do so hope you’ll come back and tell me how to vote so I can trot on down to the County Clerk’s Office and change to the RIGHT party affiliation. Than, maybe, you can loan me one of your lawn signs.

Erika Cooper Gorman

Los Alamos