Police work with landlords for safer neighborhoods

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By Carol A. Clark

Rumors of meth houses inside the manufactured home community were circulating when Steve and Peggy Gianes first took over management of Royal Crest at 2025 East Jemez Road.


“Working together with our local police, we've gotten rid of those homes,” Gianes said during an interview Wednesday. “In another home in our community there was an illegal resident who would not have been approved to live here because of his criminal history. It was difficult to get him out of here but with the help of the police, we did it.”


Royal Crest has a very low tolerance for residents involved in illegal activities, he said, especially drugs including marijuana.


“We’ve got kids here and they don’t need to be exposed to that type of thing,” he said. “We strive to provide as safe a community for our residents as possible. We won’t be able to stop everything but keep a watchful eye on things and have residents who do as well. We take care of each other in this community.”


Gianes described his relationship with Los Alamos police as “very cooperative.”


Any time there’s been a situation, he said the police have helped him and his wife, who is his office assistant, take care of it.


“We’ve been proactive in working with police throughout our mobile home management career and it’s worked very well,” he said. “The Los Alamos police are the best I've seen. I can't speak highly enough about them.”


Det. Doug Johnson has worked in collaboration with the Gianes since they moved to town in 2006 and praised their efforts to run a quality park.


“We’ve worked as a team and both Steve and Peggy are wonderful to work with,” Johnson said. “They are committed to providing the best community they can to their residents.”


The Gianes most recently managed a mobile home community in El Paso.


“Who would have thought even three years ago that I would be living in an area where wildlife shows up just 20 feet from me and that I’d be clearing snow at 3 o’clock in the morning. But we love it here,” he said. “The cost of living is a little higher than where we came from and there aren’t all the conveniences we were used to but it’s a nice, quiet community. There are things to do here but you have to look for them.”


ARC (American Residential Communities) is the largest private owner and operator of manufactured home communities, managing some 57,200 homesites in 274 properties, according to its website.


In New Mexico, along with Royal Crest, ARC owns and operates two communities in Las Cruces.


ARC communities are professionally managed and are committed to creating true “neighborhoods” where common areas are always beautifully maintained, where popular amenities are offered and where each resident respects the privacy and well-being of others, according to the website.


The police department is providing an informational booklet that educates landlords on their rights. Police seek to work with them and assist with unruly tenants engaged in illegal activities.


“We are proud to work with any landlords who strive to make their communities better,” Johnson said.


Landlords with questions or tenant issues can contact Johnson at 662-8232 for assistance.