Police stop suspect from seriously injuring himself

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Public safety > LA man charged with threats made to a family member

By Tris DeRoma

Recently, police saved a suspect allegedly involved in a domestic dispute from seriously injuring himself shortly after he was taken into custody.
William R. Garrett, 30, of Los Alamos, was arrested in April for allegedly threatening a family member, shortly after he was released from the Los Alamos Detention Center for an alleged prior drug possession and drug paraphernalia possession charges, as well as various alleged motor vehicle violations.
According to court documents, Garrett, once he was released from the jail April 14, contacted a family member and told this person he wanted to see them. When the family member told him that he could not come over, Garrett allegedly became irate.
The family member told police that Garrett had said to her that he was “going to break the door down and hurt me.” Police also noted that the family member was “visibly shaking” over the encounter and that she had been crying.
Police helped the family member fill out a restraining order and left the member’s residence.
A short time later, police received a call from the same family member, who reported to police that Garrett this time allegedly “threatened to go to his car, get his gun and shoot (this person).”
However, police noted that Garrett had a firearm, an eight-barrel revolver taken from him April 10 when he was arrested on the drug charges and moving violations.
“According to (family member) she felt the threats were real and that William would follow through with them,” according to a police statement in the court documents.
Garrett was located by police at the family member’s house, and was taken into custody. According to police officers, Garrett became more rambunctious the closer he got to the police cruiser to take him away.
Once inside, Garrett allegedly began “smashing his head with great force into the steel great that separates the front and rear seats of my patrol car” said a police officer in court documents.
In spite of Garrett trying to kick officers away, they managed to stop him from doing further injury to himself, subdued him and rode with him to Los Alamos Medical Center for evaluation.
Police noted a gash in Garrett’s front hairline that did not require stitches. Once subdued, Garrett threatened police with further injury if they took him to jail, but then calmed down and told officers he would stop trying to hurt himself.
Garrett was charged with aggravated assault against a household member with a deadly weapon, use of telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, assault on a police officer and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer (resisting or abusing).
Los Alamos Magistrate Court recently determined that Garrett’s case will be tried in district court at a later date.