Police step up DWI enforcement

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The New Mexico Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Director Michael Sandoval and Mothers Against Drunk Driving Executive Director Lora Lee Ortiz, alongside with Law Enforcement have kicked off the holiday season Winter Superblitz.

The Winter Superblitz will run from Friday, November 18, 2011 through Sunday, January 8, 2012 and will correspond with the nationwide enforcement effort to crackdown on impaired driving and reduce roadway fatalities.

The campaign, themed “You Drink, You Drive, You Lose!” will target young male drivers, who are the most common offenders.  During the Superblitz a new anti-drunk driving campaign will run on TV and radio.

“The Winter Superblitz is an important one because it overlaps with the holidays and statistics show that alcohol is often a factor in holiday crashes,” said NMDOT Traffic Safety Director Mike Sandoval.  

MADD Executive Director Lora Lee Ortiz also announced today New Mexico’s rating for anti-drunk driving efforts in connection with the fifth anniversary of its Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving which rates New Mexico as a three, on an objective, five-star scale. The report rated the nation as a whole, along with each state, on their progress toward eliminating drunk driving through objective, proven countermeasures.

For more information, contact NMDOT PIO Manon Arnett at (575) 827-5526, or NMSP Public Information Officer Tim Johnson at 505-827-9083.