Police seek suspects in $20K coin heist

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Crime: 18 gold coins missing from collection

Police are currently looking for two suspects in connection to a Los Alamos man’s missing gold coin collection.

The coins are reportedly valued at more than $20,000, according to the owner of the collection.

The owner told police he suspects his sister-in-law and her male companion may have taken them when they stayed at his house without his knowledge on May 8.

According to the collection’s owner, who was identified only as a 57-year-old male living in the 500 block of Camino Cereza, the couple was staying at his house without his knowledge, and when he drove up to his house that day, the couple had a U-Haul out front and soon left without saying goodbye.

Police are currently trying to contact the couple, who live in Austin, according to the police report.

So far though, the police have not tracked down the 18 gold coins that are missing, even though the owner has turned over the serial numbers to police.

“We are following up on a couple of leads, and we’re also trying to determine where the coins have gone at this point,” Los Alamos Police Department Acting Chief Randy Foster said.