Police offer reward for graffiti vandals

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By Tris DeRoma

 Police are offering a $500 reward for the arrest and/or conviction of the person or persons who defaced a Methodist Church in White Rock.

According to Los Alamos Police Det. Oliver Morris, ever since the graffiti attack happened they’ve been looking for the perpetrators.

Sometime over the weekend of Aug. 10 and 11 vandal(s) sprayed graffiti all over the church’s walls. The graffiti was obscene and satanic in nature. Their tag sign is “Snyp3” and so far police have few leads, though the case remains active.

“Snype3” also allegedly tagged an electrical box behind Chamisa Elementary as well as a nearby culvert, in the vicinity of Aragon Avenue and Lejano Avenue.

“Any graffiti they come across that’s similar people can call us about that as well,” Morris said.

Also sprayed on signs in and near the culvert was the moniker “Atomic Kings.”

Police believe the same paint that was used at the church matches the type that was used in
the culvert.

“We are actively pursuing a lead,” Morris said. 

  According to the Los Alamos Police Department’s public information officer, Preston Ballew, LAPD has not linked the graffiti in White Rock to any gang activity, and has not yet linked the graffiti to another incident that happened in Los Alamos to a Zia Realty truck a few weeks ago.   

 The reward money comes from a special fund set up by the police department. If you have any information, call Det. Morris at his office at 662-8281.