Police investigate break-in at Hill Diner

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By Tris DeRoma

To Hill Diner owner Denise Lane, it’s a pattern that’s all too frustratingly familiar.

When employees reported for duty at the diner Sunday, they found the cash register had been busted open.  

Total take? Less than $10 according to Lane. The cash register was worth more, she said.

“For $10, they completely tore up my cash register,” she said. “That will cost more to replace than the amount of money they took out of it.” Lane said this was the fourth time in five to six years that this has happened to her. This time around however was even more frustrating because she recently had a motion detecting alarm system put in, but it never went off.

“It really makes me mad, I really want to catch them,” she said. When asked if it may have been someone familiar with the Hill Diner’s day-to-day operations, she said she didn’t think so. “Everyone knows we don’t keep any cash on the property, and that we have a fancy alarm system,” said Lane. “So my guess is it was probably some random kid.”

Despite the busted register, business was in full swing Sunday. “Just a minor hiccup,” Lane said.

According to Sgt. Monica Salazar, the burglary happened sometime overnight, with the suspect or suspects entering the diner through a rear window. She said detectives have taken fingerprints Sunday morning and are still investigating other details of the burglary. “We are going to go back tonight and interview the night employees, see if they noticed anything suspicious,” Salazar said.*