Police catch juvenile suspect in WR

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Public safety > Young male is charged with more than 10 counts

By Tris DeRoma

It was a tense morning for White Rock residents Friday as police started spreading the word that a juvenile suspect was possibly armed and on the run and in the area.
Many White Rock residents were told to secure themselves in their houses while police searched for a pair of juveniles, at least one of which was believe to be armed.
According to Los Alamos Police Department, officer Ben Irving responded to a possible trespass on the 100 block of Grand Canyon Drive. When Irving tried to speak with the two males, they fled the scene.
Irving went after the juveniles on foot, starting the chase.
Police said one of the juveniles was a possible runaway, as well as a suspect in an aggravated burglary case that involved firearms.
Around 10:30 a.m. police apprehended the suspect on Rover Boulevard. After he was arrested, he was taken away in an ambulance.
An investigation by police uncovered what they believed to be stolen firearms. The firearms were discovered at the scene of the original trespassing.
During the pursuit Friday morning, one of the males returned to Grand Canyon and met with officers at the scene. The suspected runaway, however, disappeared a short time after the other met with the police.
In the course of its investigation, LAPD officers were able to pinpoint a location of the suspect.
Once officers surrounded the residence, the suspect tried to leave out the back of the residence and fled from the scene as officers pursued him.
A short time later, Deputy Chief Jason Wardlow Herrera and Irving apprehended the individual, following a lengthy foot pursuit through many streets and back yards in the Aster, Rover and Grand Canyon area.
Police said the juvenile was charged with numerous counts, including aggravated burglary, felony larceny of firearms, shooting from a motor vehicle – he was suspected of taking a shot at a parked vehicle — criminal damage to property, and possession of drugs and alcohol
The suspect is being held at the Santa Fe Youth Detention Center.
LAPD said the case remains active pending future arrests linked to this incident.
“Los Alamos police officers worked diligently to capture this individual that posed a threat to this community,” said LAPD Commander Preston Ballew. “We take pride in having a great community to live in and we will not tolerate this type of reckless disregard for our citizens and their property.”