Police Beat

I'm curious as to the Monitor's interest in highlighting the Police Beat by publishing photos of some people who are arrested and not others, and actually publishing them at all.  Sure there's a clause that states that just because your photo or name are in the Police Beat, that doesn't mean you're guilty...but it sure taints the reader towards judging the people in there.  Just like the same statement says use of the word "arrest" doesn't necessarily mean what most people and dictionaries think it means


Seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.



The action of seizing someone to take into custody: "I have a warrant for your arrest".



verb.  stop - apprehend - detain - seize - check - capture

noun.  detention - apprehension - custody - capture - seizure

According to the Monitor's dictionary, "arrest" can also mean you were served a summons to appear in court.  The person may not have been "arrested" in the sense of depriving his/her liberty as in apprehending him/her and taking him/her into custody, but does everyone read the fine print about what the Monitor says "arrest" means?  I, for one, don't like this practice of plastering people's photos across the page, or using the word "arrest" with such broad strokes.  It's sensationalistic reporting, can hurt the person's reputation if not guilty, and is just sad to have to stoop to such levels in an attempt to sell papers.