Police arrest suspect who threatened high school shooting

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Crime > 18-year-old LA man charged with making terroristic threats over a telephone

By Tris DeRoma

Los Alamos police, acting on a tip from a concerned citizen, moved swiftly April 22 to head off a potentially deadly situation concerning Los Alamos High School.
After learning of the tip that day, Tuesday, police immediately went searching for the suspect, Devon Greene, 18, at his North Mesa residence, as well as the school. One of the officers did manage to contact Greene and Greene voluntarily started to make his way to the police station to explain his actions.
On their way to his residence, police met up with him, driving his car in the opposite direction. They stopped him, searched his person and his car, and after finding no weapons, allowed him to proceed to the police station in his own car under police escort.
Greene allegedly made the threats while at the school via text message. According to a text recovered from Greene’s phone, Greene allegedly said “I’m uncomfortable and … and wanna do a (expletive) shooting at the school ... I’m not in a (expletive) happy mood today.”
On April 22, Greene allegedly told witnesses “he wanted to go to the school, shoot up the place then kill himself.”
Witnesses then immediately notified the administration which notified the police who then located Greene and brought him in for questioning. During his interview with police, Greene admitted that he was “emotionally unstable” and he was seeing a therapist for his issues.
On April 25, Police charged Greene with “use of a telephone to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend (misdemeanor).”
“Through this investigation, I have determined that Devon Greene did send text messages … threatening to commit a school shooting,” said one of the investigating officers in the report. “This message did threaten violence to a person(s) or school property via a text message sent by telephone, and Devon Greene had made similar threats of violence toward a person(s) or school property.”
Greene was released on $1,000 bond by magistrate judge Pat Casados. Greene will be arraigned at 10:15 a.m. May 19. It was not known at press time as whether Greene was a student at the high school.
Police also asked those that reported Greene to police if they thought he had access to weapons. One of them said yes, through a relative of theirs. Police asked the witness if they could ask that relative if that person could keep their weapons locked up. The witness replied that they will see what they could do.