Police apprehend smash and grab suspects

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By Carol A. Clark

Los Alamos police apprehended two suspects at Anderson Overlook Friday afternoon under investigation for a series of smash and grab thefts plaguing local automobiles in the community for some time.


Sgt. Fred Rascon, Sgt. Preston Ballew, Det. Jeremy Duran and officers Paige Early and Chris Ross gathered evidence at the scene where the suspects, Aaron Roybal and Nathan Zamora were parked in their red Honda.

A short time later, police captured a third suspect, Delbert Roybal, who was hiding out at Smith's Food and Drug Center on Central Avenue.

All three suspects are at least 18 years of age, Rascon said.

See the full story in Tuesday’s edition of the Los Alamos Monitor.

Taking out the trash

Thanks to LAPD for getting these scumbags before they pulled any more of these stunts. Our public safety community goes largely under appreciated and under paid. (We do live in the richest county in America!) And we need to show the people who keep us safe that we recognize what they do for us. When will the County Senior staff and Council show acknowledgement for their worth?


Uhm, Los Alamos County is not even in the top fifteen counties when it comes to income.