Poetry corner: Rusty swings

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By Dana Crooks

Rusty swings

There’s lots of laughs and giggles all across the playground, and a common fear of cooties as she chases him around.

But boys aren’t so yucky anymore and friends they soon become.
Playing sports every day after school, she begins to think “maybe he isn’t so dumb.”

He likes worms and other gross stuff, all his immature jokes are about farts,
but now she sits next to him at school — turns out he’s kind of smart.

His blue eyes are kind of pretty. His hair looks soft to touch. He flashes her that sweet smile that she’ll never get tired of.

When he’s around she’s happy. His silly jokes always make her laugh. All of a sudden she cares about how she looks and her heart starts beating fast.

There isn’t a day she doesn’t think of him but nothing’s the same once they are teens. He’s hanging out with other girls
she’s thinking “he doesn’t have time for me.”

They hardly ever talk anymore and soon is the homecoming dance.
There’s only one person she can think of … but she doesn’t have a chance.

She’s missing how it used to be sitting on the swings at that same playground.
He walks over to her with rose in hand and she knows he’ll always be around.

— Dana Crooks

Crooks is a junior at Los Alamos High School.