Poetry Corner 3-6-11

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Let It Slowly Melt


Sometimes we get caught up in life

with school and work and stress.

Sometimes we forget what’s really important

when everything’s a mess.


Our mischievous minds play tricks,

allowing us to love, to hate and to fear,

overwhelming us with feelings,

and suddenly the world becomes unclear.


We’ve got to stop and smell the rose;

watch the clouds up in the sky;

laugh at absolutely nothing,

and just go for a ride.


Make a wish upon a star.

Just close your eyes and breathe.

Anything is possible;

clap your hands if you believe.


Stop and watch the snowflakes,

each an intricate design

usually unnoticed and invisible

as they gently float on by.


Sprinkle on a bit of pixy dust.

Fly up up and away

— to infinity and beyond …

in a galaxy far far away.


Stop to watch the ants

as they march into their hill.

Watch the hungry eyes of a predator

as it’s about to make its kill.


Look at the world through a child’s eyes

with curiosity and imagination,

where everything is beautiful

— without an explanation.


Life is like a box of chocolates …

You never know what you’re gonna get,

but every bite, whether sweet or sour,

is worth the trip, I bet.

Make a feast out of an M&M.

Let it slowly melt so it will last;

savor every little moment

— for life goes by too fast.


See the world around you.

Open up your eyes.

Stop to smell the roses

— and you just might be surprised.


— Dana Crooks