Poetry Corner 07-31-11

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The Mountain

The sun beat down with no relief.
the sweat dripped down my chin.
I looked up at the mountain so tall
and let the journey begin.

It must have been a hundred miles wide
and at least ten times that tall
as I climbed my way up the rugged terrain
and hoped I wouldn’t fall.

Shrieks and growls and echoes came,
probably lions and tigers and bears,
their eyes lurking in the bushes all around
— I’d just have to stay aware.

Rattle snakes slithered in and out of rocks,
their fangs thirsty for flesh.
Vultures circle over head
to take whatever’s left.

I kept on going up the trail,
my muscles screamed in pain.
I was running low on water
and the heat drove me insane.

I didn’t know if I could make it.
My heart was beating fast.
With that scorching heat and vertical hills
I didn’t think I could last.
But there’s the top, I must push on!
As I continued with the climb
my head got dizzy and my energy low,
I was running out of time!

I staggered wobbly to the top,
blood trickling down my knees.
The view was the most beautiful thing,
seeing as far as the eye could see.

I was now on top of the world
as I sat and looked around.
I’d made it up the mountain
…now I’d just have to get down.

— Dana Crooks

Dana Crooks is a junior at Los Alamos High School.