Poetry Corner 06-12-11

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Ode to Wind

Oh how you spin and blow with a violent roar
and dance and swirl and slam the door,
how you come with spring and never quit,
how you just can’t seem to dial down a bit.
And, oh those dust storms that you bring
getting in my eyes so I can’t see a thing.
That grit that grinds between my teeth,
that musty air making it hard to breathe.
Oh how I love you mighty wind
with the dirt and dryness that you send
that cracks my skin so my knuckles bleed
building up that character that I need.
Maybe you aren’t all that bad
though you make me sneeze and itch.
Perhaps you’ll lift my house off the ground
and I’ll land on an evil witch.
Munchkins will swarm and sing with joy
and flood me with applause.
They just might send me down a yellow brick road
where I’ll find the wizard of Oz.
Through all your dust and dirt
my greatest wish could come true.
I’d get to wear those ruby slippers!
and it’s all because of you.

Frost Took the Wrong Road

So if you take the road less traveled by
as Mr. Robert Frost says you should do,
you could possibly get lost on the way.
Who knows what trouble you could get into?
The thick, damp grass and moss would hide the road,
never trimmed trees would cover up the sky,
The North Star could not show you where to go
-you’d wish you took the road more traveled by.
After all, if everyone did the same
and took the road less traveled by, you see,
it wouldn’t be as special as we claim,
become the road more traveled by, may be.
So choose that road that looks like many do.
The only one to take it could be you.

--Dana Crooks