Poetry Corner 05-01-11

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The city where there are no boundaries or limits
Where anything is possible
Keeps everyone California dreamin’
People came to Cali since the 60’s
When Haight-Ashbury was the place to be
And there were drum circles as far as you could see
When images of psychedelic dreamscapes were common
Cali seemed like a haven of new ideas and peace
Where guitar gods rose to fame and Beatles disembarked in need for a change
Get lost in the concrete jungles of L.A.
Go catch a Lakers game at Staples and watch Kobe dunk on the Celtics
Chill with Pac and Snoop on Crenshaw and share some Cali Love
Later on, hang with O’shea and Chris on their porch
Dreamin’ of another Cali Friday

— Sebastian Garcia