Poetry Corner 04-24-11

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Dress Up

A little girl skips around
with nothing to do one afternoon.
So she sneaks into the closet
within her mother's room.

She looks around at all the clothes
of colors of all kinds.
She giggles and claps with excitement
as she sees what she can find.

She lets her imagination swirl
as she throws on a pink dress.
She stands up straight with a book on her head
-being a pretty pink princess.

She puts on a raincoat and boots,
twirls an umbrella on her shoulder,
singing and dancing in the rain
-like nothing can control her.

A giant yellow sunhat
a long belt and red sheet
she's a matador challenging a bull
as it kicks and stomps its feet.

With a long black gown and tall black hat,
a ruler in her hand,
she's a wicked witch that's casting spells
on everyone in the land.

Tall green heels and green winter coat
she wobbles and stomps around,
an ogre searching for a meal
-making a hungry growling sound.

A fur coat, she's a wolf,
a pink shirt and she's a pig.
She dances and shakes and sings
as she tries on a blond wig.

The clothes pile up on the floor
as she becomes everything in the world.
Her mother comes in and simply laughs
-at her dressed up little girl.

 — Dana Crooks