Poetry Corner 02-13-11

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It’s three hours
too early
As the alarm clock beeps;
We manage to roll
out of bed
— Though we’re still half asleep.

Parents give lectures
And teachers set rules
As we try to survive
Each day of high school.

Our friends keep
us going.
The homework’s
no fun.
There’s sleep
But life’s only begun.

Our backpacks
are heavy.
Junk food is the best.
We are bound to be hunchbacks
 — Needing
cholesterol tests.

We’re the next
The world’s in
our hands.
We’ll rise up in power
And call the demands.

We’ll be the
new doctors,
Lawyers and teachers.
We’ll create cool
With all sorts
of features.

We’ve got new ideas,
But never fear,
Because the teens
are the future
— and the future
 is near.

But as for now,
I think I’ll sleep in,
Because it’s just
too early
For the day to begin.

— Dana Crooks