Please, just give the guy a break

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By Ned Cantwell

Some times a guy just needs a break.Like Bill Richardson. The governor from our little old Space Alien State (formerly known as the Land of Enchantment) is trying hard to become president of these United States.He’s out there in Iowa or New Hampshire or Somewhere Other Than New Mexico trying to get a word in edgewise if Hillary would just stop yapping for a minute.A couple years ago your Humble Columnist appointed himself Czar in Charge of Reminding People Bill Is Not Running for President. That did not work out too well for me.So now I am taking on the responsibility of heading up the team in charge of reminding folks the governor is not running for the senate seat being vacated by Pete Domenici.Look, what more do you need? Big Bill has said over and over again he will not run for the Senate. Yet, the rumors persist. It did not help when some political prankster sent out nominating petitions for a U.S. Senate run by Richardson.And it did not help when Albuquerque Journal cartoonist Trevor suggested those petitions have an Iowa postmark.Enough is enough. The man who said he would not run for president is emphatically stating he will not run for the senate. Give him a break!Speaking of our governor, next time he stops by New Mexico to pick up a fresh batch of undies, he needs to look south.To Mexico.To Magdalena de Kino. In that city lives a man named Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes. The governor needs to fly one of the state’s fancy jets down there, pick up Manuel and his family, bring them to New Mexico, give him a job.Here’s why.Last week Soberanes, a 26-year-old bricklayer, was walking to the United States to try to get a job to send money back to support seven kids. He had been walking two days and was only 50 miles from Tucson when he came upon an injured young lad shivering in the desert cold.The boy had survived a crash that killed his mom. Manuel abandoned his own hopes for the future and kept watch over the nine-year-old for 14 hours until help arrived. The youngster was flown to a Tucson hospital. Manuel was sent back to Mexico.Governor, give the guy a break!Some guys have all the luck. Until it turns bad on them. Tim Elliott walked into a Hyannis supermarket and plunked down 10 bucks for a Massachusetts lottery ticket. Here’s the good news. He won. Here’s the bad news. He may go to jail.Last year Tim ran afoul of the law when he attempted to withdraw funds from a Cape Cod bank. Seems he did not have an account there.The unarmed robbery conviction resulted in probation stating Tim “may not gamble, purchase lottery tickets or visit an establishment where gaming is conductedee”So here’s Tim with this $10 lottery ticket and, bam, he hits a $1 million jackpot. Life has become a pleasant melody for this guy.He has collected the first of 20 annual $50,000 checks. They put his smiling face on the lottery’s website. Alas, snoopy computers catch up with Tim’s probation. The money’s gone, his future uncertain.Hey, Massachusetts, it’s Christmas time. Poor old Tim probably hasn’t had much luck in his 55 years. Give the guy a break!

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