Play honors stories of New Mexico

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Performance > Opening night is 7:30 p.m. Friday at Teatro Paraguas in Santa Fe

By The Staff

Thanks to the community’s support of a crowd-funding campaign, Teatro Paraguas and Recuerdos Vivos New Mexico present a full stage production of the oral history play, “When The Stars Trembled in Río Puerco,” at Teatro Paraguas in April.
The play, presented in English, is a stage adaptation of “Recuerdos de Los Viejitos, Tales of the Rio Puerco Valley,” collected and edited by renowned oral historian Nasario García. It makes stories of land and community in four now ghosts towns south of Cuba, from the 1910s through 1950s.
Written and directed by Shebana Coelho, an award-winning writer and filmmaker, it is co-presented with Teatro Paraguas, which celebrates the richness and diversity of Hispanic heritage.
“When the Stars Trembled in Rio Puerco” runs for six performances: at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and at 4 p.m. Sundays. The events will be Friday through Sunday and April 11-13. The Sunday performances are preceded by a “Share Your Recuerdos” open mic — community members are invited to bring a memento from the past and share a 3-4 minute anecdote.
The play is slated to be performed at Albuquerque’s National Hispanic Cultural Center in September during Hispanic Heritage Month.
The cast includes Rudy “Froggy’ Fernández, Anna María Gonzales, Amador Gonzales, María Cristina López, Argos MacCallum, Oscar Rodríguez and JoJo Sena de Tarnoff. The play is the first presentation of “Recuerdos Vivos New Mexico/Living Memories,” a new multimedia oral history project.
 A native New Mexican, García was born in Bernalillo, but grew up in Ojo del Padre (Guadalupe) in the Río Puerco valley southeast of Chaco Canyon. Considered a leading folklorist in New Mexico, he has published more than 26 books in Spanish and English, 10 of which relate to folklore and oral history.
Admission at Teatro Paraguas is $15 for general admission and $12 for seniors and students.
Reservations can be made by calling Teatro Paraguas at 424-1601 or emailing recuerdosvivosnm@gmail.com.
For more information, visit the project website at recuerdosvivosnewmexico.com.